Bulk Discount Rate


Discount Rate

Instead of $50 per lesson, if you buy in bulk (10 lessons for $300) you pay only $30 per lesson.

This is how it works:
These are 10 consecutive lessons (no choosing which projects you want to do or not do). This will help me keep a higher consistent turnout for every project. If you can't make one of the classes you can catch up by watching the lesson video. After your 10 lessons are up you can choose to buy 10 more, or go back to paying by the project.

If you come to the end of your 10 lessons in the middle of a project you can buy 10 more ($300), or pay $50 per lesson for the remaining project dates.

NOTE: All posted videos of the live stream classes will be up for at least 4 weeks, and then they may be taken down to make room for other videos.


Past Zooms

Past Zooms

Past Zoom Oil Painting Lessons: These are the recordings from past live Zoom oil painting lessons that you can purchase, and paint with at your own pace.

First Timers

First Timers

This video is for first time oil painters. Paint along with Dave as he goes over some basics to help you feel more comfortable with oil painting. Then sign up for one of his online zoom classes.

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